Angel and the Cowboy

A short story available on Western Trail Blazers and on Amazon: Angel and the Cowboy, 99 cents in the Western Trail Blazer–Victory Tales Press

He needs a wife…
Because the sheriff summons him, U.S. Marshal Max Garrison rides to town. He resents learning he must supervise a young man just out of prison who will work at his ranch for a time. But when he meets the beautiful young woman who owns the teashop, he knows his trip is not wasted. Max decides she’s the one for him.
She faces another lonely Christmas…
Daniella Sommers lives alone above the book and teashop her English parents left her. When U.S. Marshal Max Garrison walks in and asks for tea, she almost laughs. Soon, her merriment turns to hope. Then Daniella learns a shocking truth about herself. If she reveals her past, will Max still love her?
Christmas is near, the time for miracles and surprises. Will the message of the season bring Max and Daniella the best gift of all?

EXCERPT FROM Angel and the Cowboy

“Dani, let me set you straight, here. I left law enforcement to come home, settle down, and raise a family. To do that, well, dang it, I need a wife. Now, to tell the God’s truth, I didn’t come to town today thinking I’d find a wife on the street, waiting for me to swoop her up and propose. That’s exactly what happened, though. You. I met you and I’ll tell you right here and now, I want to marry you.”

A tiny laugh escaped Daniella’s throat. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked directly up at him. Shaking her head and lowering her hand, she said, “Mr. Garrison. That’s absurd. Absolutely…”

She paused when she interpreted the look in his eyes and on his face. Anger. She’d made him mad. He stood there clenching his jaw, with thinned lips pressed together and narrowed eyes, blue eyes, usually the color of bluebonnets or a summer Texas sky, but now cold and dark. He was gorgeous, and oh, how she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his mouth.

Max spoke, low and slow. “I do apologize, Miss Sommers. My manners and common sense must have gone out the window. It’s from all those years alone on the trail, hunting some outlaw not worth spit, dealing and mingling with the scum of the earth. My brain has turned to mush with all that thinking and planning and wishing about a pretty wife, one who was smart and good, and who might see me for something more than a worn-out lawman.”

His statement struck her heart with regret. “Oh, no, you’re not…”

“Shhh, Dani.” His face relaxed, as did his taut body, and he rubbed his knuckles down her left cheek. “Don’t. You’ve done nothing wrong. I should have waited.” He straightened, standing tall, straight, and smiled gently. “Miss Sommers, I retract that marriage proposal, for now. So, let me begin again. Will you do me the honor of having supper with me tonight at the café? And ma’am, I damn sure won’t take no for an answer.”~*~*~*~

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Celia Yeary-Romance…and a little bit ‘o Texas 


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Romance author--western and contemporary. I live in Texas and write "all Texas."
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9 Responses to Angel and the Cowboy

  1. Lovely excerpt, Celia. I love a western story. Being British, the American western is a real fantasy world for me.

  2. morganmandel says:

    Love can happen when you least expect it!

    Great excerpt, Celia!

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Sounds like a great story! I love stories about lawmen in the old West.

  4. Jill James says:

    Celia, sounds like a lovely book. My TBR pile just grows and grows when I come here.

  5. Love the title! Love cowboys! LOVE the cover! I suspect I’ll love the story, but Daniella might have to go so I can have him.

  6. Scarlet says:

    This sounds like a great story. I’m going to download a copy right away. Just the think for a chilly night curled up by the fire. Thanks for sharing.

  7. monarisk says:

    Celia, I absolutely love the dialogue. It’s so natural, that I feel like I’m hearing them. These two characters went straight to my heart.

  8. What a charming excerpt! Sounds like a fun read, Celia!

  9. This sounds like another fine western tale from a hot new author. WTG, Celia!

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