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To New Beginnings

Ah, New Year’s Eve. It might just be my favorite holiday, seeing the birth of a new year and all the possibilities that come with it. The new beginnings we can permit ourselves. Maybe that’s why I love reading romance. … Continue reading

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Entanglements by P.R. Mason

 Like many people no doubt, my life has been touched by a moment in time I would give anything to change. For me an ordinary day could have continued in its infinite ordinariness if not for the convergence of some … Continue reading

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Haunting Refrain

When my daughter was in college in Milledgeville, Georgia, we bought a house for her. She would rent some of the bedrooms and cover the house payments. As we were signing the papers for the sale of that house, which … Continue reading

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A little bit about Bayeux, France Home of: “Christmas in Bayeux”

One place that I would have liked to have gone, but never did, was the beaches of Normandy. In my short story, “Christmas in Bayeux,” Aiden Seward goes there to help heal his wounded heart. My research revealed several interesting … Continue reading

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Right Name, Wrong Man

What do the words France, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Loire Valley, evoke for you? Do you think romantic settings? Visualize historical chateaux? Imagine a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Prepare your camera to snap pictures of the amazing … Continue reading

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Thinking about year’s end.

The presents have been bought, wrapped, and now the scattered remains lay strewn across your living room floor. With your family content, your thoughts turn toward reading. If you were among the lucky ones to have been presented with your … Continue reading

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Seeing Red – family will be family!

There’s nothing like meeting a date’s family to spice up a meal. While some members are on best behavior, siblings often add to the tension by provoking their brother or sister. In Seeing Red, Quentin hasn’t brought Emma around to … Continue reading

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Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel

    Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel Two Wrongs was my first book published, in 2006, and I’m happy to re-release it now on Kindle and Smashwords at the more reasonable 99 cent price for today’s economy. Two Wrongs is a mystery … Continue reading

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Divorce, Interrupted

Do I like controversy? Um, not really. Not really, a lot. When I set out to write Divorce, Interrupted I just wanted to write a story a little outside the box. A story that might not be looked at by … Continue reading

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Addie and the Gunslinger-by Celia Yeary

Addie and the Gunslinger Blurb  Ex-gunslinger Jude Morgan lands in jail in a far-flung West Texas town. On the fourth day in his cell, the sheriff arrives with a beautiful woman dressed in men’s pants and toting her own six-shooter. … Continue reading

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