Divorce, Interrupted by Jill James

Every story has two sides, especially when infidelity is involved.

Newly-divorced Todd and Lisa Miller are stranded at their mountain cabin. There to divide a lifetime of memories, they soon are in danger from more than the anger between them. A vicious storm forces them to rely on each other to survive. 

Can they trust the one person they lost belief in? Or are their hearts in danger from more than floods and frigid weather?

Excerpt: Chapter 2

Todd eyed the woman across the room and sighed. He thought he knew her. He had taken her as a virgin to his bed. He had been the one and only to know every square inch of her silky skin. The only one to look into her crystal blue eyes at the moment of climax, and to see into her soul.

His fingers clenched into a fist at his side. Except now, he wasn’t the only one anymore. He eyed Lisa across the room and again reminded himself, he didn’t know her at all.

Looking away, Todd’s gaze fell on the shattered porcelain at his feet. His heartbeat skipped at the familiar blue lace and bride and groom figurine. The cake topper had sat in the china cabinet here in the cabin for years. They would take it out and place it on the center of the dining-room table as they celebrated their anniversary yearly, here at the lake. Except this year.

This year they had been in court, signing the final papers.

He squatted, sweeping the pieces together with his hand. His gaze stopped at the pale circle on his ring finger. The finger had worn a wedding band for twenty years until last night. The trip to clean out the cabin had been a mental end to everything, he’d believed as he’d placed the ring on his dresser. He sighed, staring over at Lisa. Would it have been better to still have worn it?

His spine stiffened. It would have been better to have taken it off when she’d delivered the blow to his ego. The kill stroke to their marriage.

“You just have to destroy everything, don’t you?” His hurt coming out as it always did, in words meant to slash and maim.

“What did you say?” Lisa’s strident tone screeched across the room.

Standing, hands on his hips, he faced her. “I said. You have to destroy everything, don’t you?” Her face leached of all color, her eyes enormous and wet in the white expanse. Her look said he’d scored a direct hit. Too bad he couldn’t enjoy it. After everything, couldn’t even take pleasure in hitting her back. She was the mother of his children and had been the love of his life.

His shoulders slumped. “Let’s just try to get along, okay? We’re stuck here. Together. We’re adults. We can do this.”

Lisa turned away. “Fine. Whatever. Let me get the broom.”

Todd sat on the arm of the couch, watching Lisa move about the cabin. Her sock-covered feet pattered across the floor as she swept up the shards of porcelain and gathered them in the dustpan.

She turned at his side. “What about the ranger station? They could call out of here. It’s only a mile or two.”

He shook his head. “It’s November. The ranger station is closed down for the season. I’m not even sure there is anyone in the other houses. We’re probably the only people stupid enough to be here on the edge of winter.”

Lisa walked to the trash bin and dumped the contents of the dustpan. Todd winced as the tinkle of pieces of the cake topper hit the bottom. Kind of like their marriage; in pieces and thrown away in the garbage.

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About Jill James

Jill is a self-published author with The Lake Willowbee Series and numerous other books in paranormal romance and zompoc romance. She enjoys reading just as much as writing. You can follow her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Jill.James.author and Twitter @jill_james
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12 Responses to Divorce, Interrupted by Jill James

  1. Enjoyed the excerpt. Look forward to reading it!

  2. I have this on my Kindle and can’t wait to read it!

  3. Jill James says:

    Bev, glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing this story.

  4. Jill James says:

    Thanks Helen. Enjoy!!

  5. morganmandel says:

    I can feel the tension. Great excerpt!

    Morgan Mandel

  6. what an addicting excerpt. Now we have to know the rest of the story!

  7. monarisk says:

    Ditto what Helen said. I’ll make time to read it soon.

  8. I’ve been out a lot today. I love the premise. Another one I’ll need. When I mentioned it on FB last time there were comments. I’d been check on it tonight.

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