Devil’s Harvest by Margery Scott

When surgical resident Taryn Hayes becomes the prime suspect in a renowned physician’s murder, the only person who can help her is Luke Dawson, a private investigator searching for information about a friend’s sudden death. Taryn, a believer in facts, and Luke, a man who trusts his gut instincts, clash as their investigation leads them to a link between the two cases. At the same time, they can’t deny opposites attract. But will they survive long enough to catch a killer before he strikes again, and to find out if their chemistry is merely physical, or something more?
                  Taryn would have recognized him anywhere – the hair a little longer than the current trend, the square jaw — and those eyes, the midnight blue eyes that had bored into hers.
                There was no question about it. It was the same man.
                He’d been waiting for her. And now he was going to kill her, too.
                Taryn raised her hands to push him away. She wasn’t quick enough. He shifted his weight, moved closer.     The hard wall of his body pressed her into the soft leather seat, trapping her hands between them. Beneath her fingers, she felt the play of muscles in his chest.
                He leaned close. His face was only inches from hers. His breath smelled of mint, and coffee. It was warm on her cheek when he spoke. “Take it easy,” he said softly. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
                Sure he won’t, Taryn thought. How many murder victims have heard that line before they ended up buried in a shallow grave in the middle of nowhere?
                Don’t panic. Stay calm. Think. Fight.

                She squirmed, shoved against his chest. Tried to connect her foot with any part of him. It was useless. He didn’t budge. In fact, it didn’t seem to take any effort whatsoever to keep her still. And he knew it. He held her, securely but without hurting her, against his body. Waiting, she knew. Knowing that eventually she’d tire herself out.
                The pressure of his hand relaxed until only two fingers rested against her lips. “Shh. Don’t bother screaming. Nobody will hear you.”
                She glared at him. He was right. The parking lot was practically deserted at this time of night. A silver SUV in the back corner, Stan’s maroon convertible straddling the line, as it always did. A few other vehicles belonging to staff who wouldn’t be off duty for another hour or so.
                A faint bass beat drifted through the night air from the radio on the security guard’s desk. She might as well save her breath. He wouldn’t hear her scream.
                She kept fighting. But she was weakening. They both knew it. It was only a matter of time.
                “Stop struggling. You’re going to hurt yourself.”
                True. She was only wearing herself out. So much for all those years of aerobics and weight training.
                She had to think. She needed to save whatever strength she had left. At some point, she’d get her chance to escape. She had to be ready when it came. She nodded slightly, and slumped against the seat.
                “Keep still. Understand?” His voice was low, tense.
                Taryn understood only too well. She was in serious trouble.
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3 Responses to Devil’s Harvest by Margery Scott

  1. What a nice, tense excerpt! Enjoyed the read.

  2. Oh, my goodness, girlfriend. You got me!

  3. monarisk says:

    I love it. This is going on my reading list.

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