My vampires don’t suck!

Yes, I can hear your groans. Yet another vampire romance. But wait! Mine’s different. My vampires don’t suck! Literally. They do not drink blood. Rather, they infuse themselves with their victim’s (or willing donor’s!) blood by biting the carotid artery. There is sufficient positive pressure in the artery to push that blood into the vampire’s venous system through the vampire’s hollow-tipped, telescoping fangs. Cool, huh?

Even the critics agree my vampires don’t suck:

Award-winning author and Kindle bestseller Lina Gardner says: “I loved Merzetti Effect. The vampire mythology in this story is fresh and interesting. The characters will steal your heart, and have you rooting for them. It’s fast paced, action packed and a must-read!”

The Readin’ Librarian says: “Delano Bowen is a vampire and a medical doctor determined to find a cure for vampirism. Ainsley Crawford is a woman with secrets–those she knows and one she doesn’t. Utilizing familiar vampire tropes, and inventing a few new ones, Wilson gives us a vampire, strong, handsome and with an unbending morality, that we can love. Ainsley is caring and determined to do whatever she needs to protect those she loves…Del included.”

Good Book Alert says: “Vampirism has been interpreted many ways throughout the history of fiction: walking corpses, aliens, mutants, and even the occasional fallen angel. Unlike the vampires of The Merzetti Effect, no one would assume that Dracula could be “cured” of his conditions with a little applied molecular biology. This medical emphasis, though not unique in the history of vampire fiction, did provide a still interesting basis for the plot, which, in turn, helped generate dramatic interest absent some of the other more standard vampire danger elements one tends to see in vampire paranormal romance. In fact, I was surprised at the level of clinical detail and how several of these elements played important roles in the plot. It was a nice touch that helped make the vampirism a bit more interesting than usual.”

Nookmom for Bitten by Paranormal Romance says: “This was not your typical vampire story. Delano Bowen is trying to create a vaccine to protect humans from rogue vampires and possibly find a “cure” to reverse vampirism. The answer lies in the genetic code carried in the blood of one family, thought to be long gone, hunted to extinction.”

Get your copy now and see for yourself. It’s currently priced at 99 cents (75% off), just for this holiday sale. And look for the 2nd book in the series, NIGHTFALL.

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12 Responses to My vampires don’t suck!

  1. Jill James says:

    Yep! Definitely don’t suck! This is on my TBR pile on my Nook.

  2. monarisk says:

    I love a vampire that doesn’t suck! The Merzetti Effect is on my Kindle waiting to be read when I gift myself with free reading time.

  3. norahwilson says:

    Thank you, Jill & Mona! You’re too kind. BTW, I think I know why it’s so eerily quiet on the interwebs…. Everyone is out shoppping. And I swear I got stuck behind all of them (in lineups, in traffic) on my lunch hour. o-O

  4. martisima says:

    I have read both this one and Nightfall. They are both great, but this one is the first, therefore, more striking. Thanks for introducing me to a world I had not explored, and made me love it. But I guess it’s only you (and of course, Deborah Harkness too, but nobody else!).

  5. norahwilson says:

    Thank you, Martisima! That’s some pretty amazing company you’ve put me in! I’m incredibly flattered. 🙂 And thank you so much for buying and enjoying my books!

    • martisima says:

      Hi Norah! You also know how I feel about the Dix Dodd Mysteries and the Serve and Protect series. You are a genius. I mean it — writing three different series, all great and all original! (I am Martha Paley Francescato, martisima for WordPress).

  6. I did recognize you, Martha, from your comment, but didn’t want to out you in case you didn’t want outed. Now you’ve done it yourself. 😀 As I’ve said before, you’re my ideal fan. If I could just get everyone else to read across the genres…. ‘Cuz, hey, my vampire romances are just romantic suspense stories with vampires, right? ,-)

  7. I love a different twist on vampires! Must add this to my list.

  8. Thank you, Mary! Dreaming up this medicalized model was sort of my way into this story. I knew I needed something else creatively to hold my interest.

  9. Telescoping fangs? I was going to ask where you got an idea like that, and then I realized….
    Fantastic blog and sounds like a great book. Hope to have an ereader by Christmas.
    Bring it on, Santa!

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