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To New Beginnings

Ah, New Year’s Eve. It might just be my favorite holiday, seeing the birth of a new year and all the possibilities that come with it. The new beginnings we can permit ourselves. Maybe that’s why I love reading romance. … Continue reading

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My vampires don’t suck!

Yes, I can hear your groans. Yet another vampire romance. But wait! Mine’s different. My vampires don’t suck! Literally. They do not drink blood. Rather, they infuse themselves with their victim’s (or willing donor’s!) blood by biting the carotid artery. … Continue reading

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The Merzetti Effect – A Vampire Romance by Norah Wilson

DELANO BOWEN has been a medical doctor for a very long time. More than 170 years, in fact. For much of that time, he’s been searching for a way to reverse the curse foisted on him by a vampress who … Continue reading

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